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Important Notice: It has come to our attention that some companies are misusing our name & logo on reports and claiming that we are their consultants. Please verify the Contractor and Project with us at We thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation in this matter.

We envision a sustainable world for future generations

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Licensing & Permitting Services

  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessment

  • Environmental review / Environmental audit

  • Regulatory Requirements Identification

  • Agency Consultation

  • Permit Application Preparation and Support

  • Environmental Emergency Response Plan (EERP)

  • Regulatory Compliance Consulting

Environmental Science Services

  • Construction Environmental & Social Management Plan (CESMP)

  • Operation Environmental & Social Management Plan (OESMP)

  • Environmental Health and Safety (EHS)

  • Environmental Risk Assessment (ERA)

  • Environmental Management System (EMS)

  • Ecology and Biodiversity Survey and Mapping

  • Wildlife Surveys and Habitat Evaluations

  • Marine Ecology

  • Hazardous Waste Management

Environmental Monitoring Services

  • Ambient Air Quality Monitoring

  • Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

  • Stack Emission Monitoring

  • Particulate Matter (Dust) Monitoring

  • Environmental Noise Monitoring

  • Water Quality Monitoring (ground, sea, waste)

  • Soil/Sediment Quality Assessments

  • Odor Assessment

  • Emission inventory and monitoring

Due Diligence & Compliance Management

  • Environmental Compliance Assessments

  • Environmental liability Assessments

  • Contamination Land Assessment

  • Environmental Due Diligence

  • Phase I ESA (site inspection)

  • Phase II ESA (asses contamination)

  • Phase Ill ESA (contaminated site remediation)

  • Environmental Best Practices and Management plans

Industrial Hygiene Services

  • Occupational Exposure Assessment

  • Chemical Exposure Assessment

  • Workplace Monitoring

  • Personal and Area Noise Monitoring

  • Illumination/Light Monitoring

  • Asbestos Monitoring & Assesment

Environmental Specialised Services

  • Air Dispersion Modeling

  • Industrial Noise Modeling

  • Mixing Zone Modeling for Wastewater Discharge

  • Groundwater Flow and Water Quality modeling

  • Marine Hydrodynamic and Pollution Modeling

  • Best Available Technology (BAT)



Green Fields is National Centre for Environmental Compliance (NCEC) approved specialty environmental consultancy firm. Starting with across the border compliance strategy, we go to work integrating your environmental objectives into your business operations. 


We specialize in minimizing risks with cost-effective technical solutions while looking at ways to achieve maximum operating flexibility.

We have a multi-disciplinary team of full-time Environmental Consultants who have first-hand professional experience in diverse sectors and areas. As practitioners, they share their in-depth knowledge and experience offering organizations independent expertise in line with national and international standards.


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For any inquiries and questions, please call at +966560887422 or fill out the following form

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P.O. Box 30314, Al Khobar 31952

Saudi Arabia

Tel: +966138670069

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